Art in the R.A.W. : Invest now!

Antoine William‘s art is the truth.  It is straight up, unapologetic in its militancy and well … R.A.W.  Being a sucker for a good honest story, it did not take me long to fall in love with his work.  It did not take many  conversations after initial meeting to know that I had a friend in Antoine for life. We are on currently on the same grind with to attend grad school for the betterment of our poor artistic negro existence. In August Antoine will be off to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill!

I am incredibly excited for him and want to pay forward to him all the love and generosity that has been shown to me on my journey. So without further ado for your virtual stimulation a R.A.W.  art sale with all proceeds to enable a smoother transition into the grad school experience for Antoine and his beautiful partner and daughter (see familial adorableness in the video below!)


For purchase contact:

Antoine Williams

(click photos for larger images!)

1. The Problems We All Live With 
acrylic on canvas- 
 60”x 36” 

2. Reign Dance
 mixed media on wood
24″x 36″ 

3. Beauty Mark 
acrylic on wood-

4. Rupert’s War collage on wood-
24”x 36” 

5. Circa 66’ mixed media on wood
 36”x 48”

6. Watch the Throne 
acrylic on canvas
36”x 48” 

7. Illusions of Success 
acrylic on canvas
-2010 90”x 84” 


8. Counterculture Clash
 acrylic on wood

9. From Warriors To…
  acrylic on canvas

9. Exodus
 acrylic on canvas

10. Babies Ain’t Watching TV No More
  acrylic on canvas-2008

11. Babble
 acrylic on canvas
-2010 40”x30”

12. Rebel
  acrylic on canvas

13. UZI Mom
  acrylic on canvas-2006

14. Home Grown
 acrylic on Canvas

15. Rupert Murdoch
 acrylic on canvas-2011

15. Deja Vu acrylic on canvas-2010 36″x 36″ $500

*Antoine with fellow John Hairston at their joint exhibit                                                    Here’s Hoping It Rhymes for a Reason in October 2011

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