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Manifesting Destiny.

We’re about to go on a quick trip from attachment to detachment in one post.  Ready?  I’m not sure I am, but here we go.  Ever since I was … a zygote … I have lived and breathed for the … Continue reading

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She wanna or In Trans-it

She wanna Eat a man alive Make him S C R E A M cum vibrate On his In Sides. She wanna Conquer unnavigable waters S/W/I/M in FORBIDDEN seas. She wanna ramp wid him inna rubba dub STY-LE. She wann- … Continue reading

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It’s Oscar season.

9/18/2013 I am not sure if I have ever been this moved to anger by anything.  I didn’t just see Oscar Grant on that screen.  I saw my brother, my nephews, [my ex-boyfriend], every black man that I have loved or … Continue reading

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Broken Shelter

Today As I walked the two blocks I Regularly walk To catch the train to school. I struggled with a Wind broken umbrella That I’d been holding on to In case it rained. It was this morning. Raining that is. … Continue reading

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Unrequired Love.

LIGHTS FADE UP ON: 10:35 on a lonely Friday night. Why? Because stories about love have to begin with lonesomeness, that’s why. LOIS, lonely Lois, slightly older than 30, looks like’s she’s 40. Sits at a table for two in … Continue reading

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My Grandpa: The Vetting Process

My Grandpa was not a perfect man.  He left my grandmother with a daughter to raise. He inconsistently kept up with his established family afterwards, and he was fiscally irresponsible. Despite all this, my grandfather remains one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Right? Write.

My time at Tisch and NYC in general, thus far has lead me to some realizations, startling and otherwise. Once the apartment hunting was done (The Bronx … who knew), the classes were paid for, and the first day had, … Continue reading

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You Are Here: The Summer of My Discontent

For the last week or so I’ve been letting it all soak in (that and panicking over whether or not I’d receive a Grad Plus Loan). After nearly two years of highs, lows, breakthroughs and disappointments I am now poised to … Continue reading

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Having A Moment: The Unsolicited Blessing

The Unsolicited Blessing witnessed by Stacey Rose An act in one play. Personae Dramatae: Mother Little Girl First Lady of the Church of Self Righteousness Assumption Setting: Osborne Terrace, Newark, NJ (Outside Newark Beth Israel Hospital) Time: Early Evening (A … Continue reading

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Shake the machine.

It’s happened to most people at least once.  You’re starving.  You’re on your lunch break, or a break during some godforsaken symposium, or between classes at school. Your blood sugar is about 10.  You gallop your ass with the intensity … Continue reading

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