Other ish I do.

My Pet:  A What If Scenario

Presented at the Fade To Black Festival in Houston, TX

June 2014

Directed by Denise O’Neal



Rose Play:  A evening of short plays

Featuring the short plays:

Reasoning an excerpt from The Waiting Place

The Visit

and the new one act play –

Priapus Pie: An American Tragedy

This event is FREE, however an optional donation is welcomed.
Heavy Hors d’oeuvres served!

The Social NetWorth – Staged Reading

March 15-16 2013 at 6:30pm

Free Admission

The Light Factory

345 N College St, Charlotte, NC 28202


KMBA Presents: BlaK History – Slavery … Isn’t It Romantic?

KMBA: Kiss My Black Angst.

KMBA was conceived of during a conversation among friends, black AND white no less, about our frustrations about race in America.  That conversation led to sketch ideas and a live production that then led to a YouTube station that is just chock-full of black angstiness! Stop by, there will be brand new content this February as KMBA Presents: BlaK History Month! 

In the mean time, you may enjoy this joyful bit of buffoonery brought to you by yours truly and Dazzell Matthews

Other KMBA crew Members:

Danielle Brockington a.k.a. KinkyThought

Iesha Nyree Hoffman

Sista Secretary

…  is what happens when you call me at 10:30pm and ask me for a 10 minute sketch about hood chick for a rehearsal the next day.

On Faith is my first foray into film making, writing and … umm … editing ( >_< )

Yes, I’ll keep my ass on the right side of things from now on, but enjoy anyway with your judgement low and your mind open!

On Faithblooper hilarity (so not edited by me)

Freelance Writer:

Creative Loafing Charlotte:

Arts Feature:  Is it hot in here? Examining Charlotte’s Racial Climate

Live Review:  Diplo, at the Neighborhood Theatre

Arts Feature:  Carlleena Person: 1979-2012 Charlotte loses a talented artist and creative role model

Cover Story: Melting

Native Tongue Magazine:

Cover Story: Bob Marley:  The Man The Legend

Amendment One: A Matter of Morality


Every now and then you can cajole me into characters outside the ones I code switch into in my daily life ;).

Twilight:  Los Angeles, 1992 by Anna Deveare Smith
November 23 – December 8, 2012

File these under general tomfoolery





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