I’ve Been Meaning To Write


For tomorrow:

1. Dress comfortably! Nobody cares what you look like, we’re here to get messy.

2. Bring whatever you prefer to write with, but I would recommend good old-fashioned pencil and paper (this is a great excuse to buy yourself a fancy new journal 😀 )

3. Bring about 3 dollars in quarters or just a bunch of change.

4. Pack a lunch or bring cash to make for smoother ordering out (yep once you’re here you’re here. Yes, you can use the bathroom 😉  )

5. While you won’t be working on one specific project, come with ONE specific project you want to spend the next three months of this year working on, in mind.

6. Today is the final day to pay in advance! You can pay via paypal id: srr360@nyu.edu

See you tomorrow!



Have you been meaning to write but are:

Too busy?
Too lazy?
Waiting to get a really good idea?
Afraid of sounding stupid?
Afraid of your writing apparatus?

typewriter transformers (2)

Stop it dammit. Stop it right now. Come to this workshop and get help from the queen of procrastination herself: Stacey Rose 2nd year MFA Candidate NYU Tisch School of The Arts and creator of From the Rose’s Mouth.

Let her procrastination be your literary celebration! Bring your ideas, a modicum of willingness and prepared to be inspired.

Newbie and Oldbie writers welcome!

refreshments and non-threatening writing apparatuses provided

When: Saturday January 3, 2015

Where: Dupp & Swat 2424 N. Davidson St. Charlotte, NC 28205

Cost: $20 in advance* $25 at the door

For info: IBMTW Facebook Event or srr360@nyu.edu

LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE … so don’t procrastinate.

Optional Reading List:

On Writing by Stephen King
The Creative Process by James Baldwin
and Year One: Thank you. Thank you. just so you know who you’re dealing with.

Hope to see you out!

🙂 Rosie.

*Payment can be made via paypal to:  The Artist Stacey Rose (srr360@nyu.edu)

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