The Gospel of House.

And on the 8th day God created House

Music  generated by inspired bodies that brought forth

rhythm, beats, and voices that did not sing about freedom

but that were FREEDOM.

Unbound these voices disintegrated shackles to dust for feet to

STOMP, slide and shuffle across dance floors in dimly lit santuaries

that earthlings called “clubs” but  which the liberated ones called

Gateways, portals, to a land beyond the one that would render their being


Here they are GODS moving in time to the Voice

Stepping, shuffling, jirating to a rhythm that origins surpass that of time.

Writhing in ecstasy to a force beyond their control

The heart beat.



The souls became one exploding with applause of gratitude

For the gifts of the sanctuary.

The sweat. The aliveness. A high not available on this plane.

It fueled their movements, fired their souls, and united them ––

Under the Gospel of House.

Thou shalt not settle for the petty limitations placed upon thee by petty muthaphuckas.

Thou shalt jump, shout, kick, scream, and MOVE, like there is no tomorrow because there might not be one.

Thou shalt dance away the pain, the stress, the fear, the turbulence of everyday life … because there is nothing a good soul clap and bunny hop can’t cure!

One Love. One God. One Sky. One Day. One Life. Let’s live it!*


*(just make sure you have ibuprofen and an ice pack in the freezer for when you get home ; )  )

House in the Park in Atlanta was a spiritual experience.  Here’s
a tiny peak B).

Oh and if Alvin Ailey is ever in your burg, it is strongly suggested that you see this piece live.